Nicole“DEAR NICOLE STUDIO” is simply a place where I play with and explore creativity.

I’m Nicole, a Creative Design Manager with a dozen years of experience as an in-house Creative at a well-known international children’s company. I choose not to talk about too many specifics of my “office” work on this blog because it’s intended to be a place to revive and feed my creative energy, not to promote a brand.

I firmly believe that there is creativity in every individual human being on the planet, whether they recognize it or not, and I think it’s unfortunate that some people don’t see themselves as creative because they’re not involved in stereotypical “creative” endeavors such as painting . . . or what my former roommate referred to as being “artsy, fartsy.”

I’d love it if you’d share your thoughts on any of my blog posts or the designs/work that I share here. I hope we can share our creative journey together in some way in this space.

❤ Nicole