2 Creativity Topics, Semi-Related

After sharing some thoughts about Autumn last week, I heard several “Favorite Parts of Fall” stories from you — how fun! If you have more, I’d love to hear.

Tonight, I’m writing this blog post between trying to get some other things done, so you’re getting just 2 quick blurbs on semi-related topics . . .

1. Random Musings About My To-Do List:

(This is the introspective part of this post, so feel free skip to #2 if you’d like something more academic.)

When the days grow dark early and the nights get frosty, I find myself increasingly tuned in to things I want to accomplish. The energy of the cool fall months steadies my thinking, propelling me forward toward the end of the year. I can hardly believe we’re nearing the end of October — Halloween is only a few days away!

Here’s a quick peek at the creative projects I’d like to complete before the end of 2016:

  1. The Pirates’ Pizza Party – A collective children’s book project that I’m working on with some co-workers & friends.
  2. #1000amazingwomen – This is a personal illustration project I started earlier this year but lost track of over the summer.
  3. Completing the Logo Re-Design for EBFC – We’re a couple of rounds into the design for this logo & I’m not sure what’s next.
  4. Illustration/Design for “The Christmas Game” – I’m just getting started with the development of these designs and am excited to see where it will go. I’m hoping to make fast progress so that a version of it can be available for Christmas.

This list doesn’t include about a hundred other things related to (in no particular order) the holidays, my house, family, friendships, travel, church, volunteer work, personal development, etc.

So time isn’t necessarily on my side, but I feel the pressure driving rather than discouraging me. At least for today.

2. An interesting study I came across this week:

Plos One published a paper called “Modelling Creativity” in which 90 creativity-themed academic works from over 60 years were assessed for recurring themes, yielding a list of 14 factors contributing to the creative process.

The study is complex, so I wouldn’t expect that you’d want to read it all, but check it out if you’d like, take a look at this list, and let me know what you think. I’d like to dig into this a little deeper.

This paper describes a unique approach to developing a suitable model of how creative behaviour emerges that is based on the words people use to describe the concept.

14 Factors in the Creative Process (not all required, not necessarily flowing in sequence):

  1. Active involvement and persistence
  2. Dealing with uncertainty
  3. Domain competence
  4. General intellect
  5. Generating results
  6. Independence and freedom
  7. Innovation and emotional involvement
  8. Originality
  9. Progression and development
  10. Social interaction and communication
  11. Spontaneity and subconscious process
  12. Thinking and evaluation
  13. Value
  14. Variety, divergence, and experimentation

And now it’s time for some assorted questions of the week . . .

Does autumn spur you to productivity or tempt you to hibernate. Do you have a challenging to-do list? Any creative problems you’d like to discuss? What do you think is the most important factor in your creative process? What’s your favorite color of autumn tree? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts in a comment.

Wishing you a productive and creative week,
❤ Nicole

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