Autumn Thoughts

Autumn is my favorite season. It’s a time when leaves turn to beautiful colors, the humidity of summer (here in Pennsylvania at least) dissipates, and everyone begins to bundle into cozy sweaters and scarves. According to a made-up statistic, a mug of warm apple cider makes everything feel 5-10% better.

Sunny autumn afternoons are great for visiting local parks to explore new paths, working on house & garden projects, trying out new restaurants, testing your physical limits with new challenges, taking a hayride out to a pumpkin patch, or visiting nostalgic sites.

Cool autumn evenings are great for tackling a book you’ve been wanting to read, working on art & design projects, going to a corn maze, huddling with friends and family over a bonfire, or tucking in to watch your favorite movies.

One of my favorite things to do (especially in the autumn) is to combine loved ones + creative activities. That’s exactly what I had the opportunity to do last Monday (which is why I didn’t post a regular weekly blog post that day):

Two sweet friends and I rolled, cut, and decorated these amazing autumn-themed cookies . . . classic autumn shapes like leaves, giraffes, kangaroos, elephants, and more.


Autumn is also a wonderful time for adventures and memory-making. Over the weekend, I visited Washington D.C. with a group of friends and found my creative spirit fed by sights across a spectrum from tiny trees (at the National Bonsai and Penjing Museum) to grand columns (at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial) . . .



Things like this remind me how much I totally love that humans are propelled to create.

I’m keeping today’s post short. Instead of reading something longer here, I’d like to invite you to take 5 minutes to pause and think about what you may want to create with the remaining months of 2016. Something artistic? Small, positive steps in a friendship? A house repair project? A new romance? A memory with a family member? An apology? A new playlist? A personal best?

Are you enjoying autumn? I’d love it if you’d leave a comment telling me about your favorite part of this amazing season.

Wishing you a wonderful week,
❤ Nicole

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