On My Mind: VAST – Valley Against Sex Trafficking

I intended to post the 3rd part of my “Design Principles” series this week, but I decided to take a pause for something else that’s on my mind . . . 

This week has been a series of complexities: between work, personal life, friends’ lives, and generally lots of obligations, I admit I sometimes find it difficult to juggle.

Despite there being a million things on my mind and “to-do” list, I spent three hours tonight at a Volunteer Training session for VAST (Valley Against Sex Trafficking), an organization that fights for an issue that’s really important to me — for all human beings to be seen as valuable and not to be viewed as commodities or as objects to be used or abused for the pleasure of others.

At the training, I was reminded of a lot of information related to the topic of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation in general and learned some new things, too. I particularly appreciated hearing more about trauma-informed care and seeing the way the group shared some thoughts at the end of the session. 

I was thankful for the chance to take my eyes away from all of the swirling things that have been going on in my day-to-day (those things will wait for me) just to acknowledge this topic . .

. . . and be reminded of why I get involved in small ways as a volunteer.

. . . and be grateful for/amazed by all the other members of the coalition that invest so much more time and energy into their programs and services for awareness, prevention, and aftercare.

There is so much need for volunteers and for community members to be informed and aware that sex trafficking happens even here in our own neighborhoods.

This Saturday 9/17/16, there’s a community event called ARISE being held at Lehigh University. Artists and musicians will perform live to support awareness and stand against sex trafficking (I LOVE the creativity of this event). 

If you’re local to the Lehigh Valley, consider stopping by to support the cause. If you’re not local, maybe you can find a group or event in your area that is on the same page and throw some support their way . . .

If sex trafficking isn’t the topic that most grabs your heart, what is? How can you “arise” to take a stand for it even when life seems busy? If you can’t go or volunteer or actively do anything right now, will you pray?

❤ Nicole


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