Bonus! Collecting Creativity: 2

Happy Thursday! I hope your week is going well. As you may or may not know, my regular schedule is a weekly post every Monday PLUS from time to time I’m also sharing bonus content related to creativity . . .

The YouTube network “Great Big Story” shares lots of amazing stories about incredible things humans do every day. This week I wanted to pass 3 of these stories along to you . . . Each of these short videos (under 3 minutes each) features a different way that people are sharing their creativity through food.

While visitors come to Nakatani’s mochi shop to taste the best mochi (a traditional Japanese treat made with glutinous rice), they stay to watch him make it:

Borderlands Food Bank saves between 30 and 40 million pounds of produce each year and redistributes it to families. Check out their important work in this video:

A New Yorker is working to bring back the rich Jewish culture of a Ukranian town that was all but wiped out by the Nazis and the ensuing Soviet era:

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