Bonus! Collecting Creativity – 1

Featured Image by Marcel Christ, Still Life Photographer

My plan for this blog is to post weekly on Mondays PLUS from time to time also share bonus content related to creativity and my own artistic adventures. For today, I wanted to share a few things I’ve run into recently. Have you read or seen anything lately that’s made you think about creativity in a different way? Are you doing anything fun to exercise your creative muscles? I’d love to hear about it.


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How Brainstorming Questions, Not Ideas, Sparks Creativity – “What if brainstorms were designed to generate questions, not ideas? It’s an approach that’s being touted these days by a number of advocates . . .”

How Finding the Right Community Can Help Your Creativity – Psychologists tend to see creativity exclusively as a mental process [but] creativity is as much a cultural and social as it is a psychological event.”

How Giving Up TV for a Month Changed My Brain and My Life – “Happiness comes from the interaction between inspiration and perspiration,” says Braverman. “Anything that stops humans from perspiring to achieve something inspiring gives a false fantasy and an endless distraction from reaching your full potential.”


I’ve been following Peter from “Peter Draws” on YouTube for a little while, observing his quirky approach to drawing and building an online community. This week, I saw he posted this video – Episode 1 of “What I Think About Art” in which he tells you what he thinks about art and recommends that if you want to make your life easier you can just agree . . .

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