I loved reading this story about Mardochee Dade (link opens in a new window), a local high school student who has demonstrated his amazing talent at cello playing, as well as his commitment to pursuing his dreams in a way that’s consistent with his character. Despite opportunities to study at elite private high schools, Mardochee chose to stay at Allen High School:

“A lot of people have a bad perception of Allen and they take their kids away because of it,” he said. “I didn’t want to leave . . . I wanted to help put Allen back on the map. I wanted to leave a legacy.”


I admire the courage it takes for a young man like this to think about how his choice would impact the future.

Sometimes I wonder what my choices will leave behind . . .

As an Artist, will I leave behind any body of meaningful work?
As a Manager, how will my life and choices affect the people I supervise?
What about my impact as a Daughter, Sister, Aunt, or Friend?
How would people describe my attitude? My habits? My faith?

I don’t want to try to convince people to respect me through smoke-and-mirrors-fluffery or to spend a lot of time in indulgent self-analysis . . .

But I do care a whole lot whether I’m actually living life with the sense of emotional and spiritual solidity that come from being willing to make the sometimes-difficult choice to live according to my values. I admit that for various reasons including confusion, insecurity, defiance, or just plain laziness, I sometimes take the easy road. Do you?


This week, I had the opportunity to listen to the following Interview with Dennis Mannion, CEO of the Detroit Pistons, and I really appreciated his thoughts on success, performance, and faith.

When asked for his one top piece of wisdom for people who are passionate about optimizing their lives, Dennis said he thinks it’s critical for people to aspire to LEAP, i.e. to live with these characteristics:

Peace or Playfulness

Lately, I’ve been trying to LEAP in some new ways, both in implementing my new morning routine and in practicing new personal affirmations. It’s difficult!

Would you share your thoughts on the story about Mardochee Dade or ideas about how you LEAP? I’d love to know what you think.


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