Spending Time


Day 2 of my new morning routine, and it went well. It already seems that this time in the morning is going to be a good mindset adjustment for my days. We’ll see if I continue to feel that way over the coming weeks and whether that leads to any long-term change/growth. For now, I’m just enjoying the encouragement.

Today, for a short clip of exercise (the E of the SAVERS acronym), I tried out a tiny session in an app called Lazy Monster which was a cute and simple way to get a little movement . . .

In my reading time, I was reminded of the 4-Quadrant diagram Stephen Covey outlines in his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. The themes of this book are covered ad-nauseam around the internet, so I won’t go into too much detail, but it was helpful to be reminded to stay out of Quadrant 4 (non-urgent, non-important) as much as possible.

Because there are so many creative projects I want to be able to get into (as well as so many daily responsibilities I need to take care of), I know I need to continue to improve on how I spend my time.

Just for reference, here’s a version of the Time Management matrix from the blog at Wainscot Media:


Do you find it difficult to know how to spend your time? To keep a steady focus on your priorities and stay out of Quadrant 4? I’d love to hear about it —

❤ Nicole