Thanks, Hal!

Today, I listened to this talk, given by Hal Elrod, based on his book The Miracle Morning. I think it may be just what I needed to hear!

I’ve been in a process of reviewing my own personal priorities in the wake of a string of feeling . . . just overwhelmed . . . so I like the idea of setting aside time every morning to begin the day connecting with the best parts of my life. I’m excited by the possibility that this will help me to make more space for personal growth and creativity.

To be honest, I have never attempted something like this before, often using the excuse that I’m “just not a morning person,” which Mr. Elrod so directly demolishes in his talk. So, I’m going to take his 30-day challenge and start implementing a new morning routine, beginning tomorrow.

I plan to share my process with you here over the next 30 days.

If you have a morning routine, whether it’s inspired by Hal or not, I’d love to hear about it. Would you please leave me a comment?


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